ColdFusion / NetSuite web service integration

Judging from the number of related searches that land people here, you're more than likely looking for information on writing ColdFusion code to connect to NetSuite's web service. Well, you're in luck! When I did my first ColdFusion to NetSuite integration 4 years ago, I had a difficult time finding resources on the topic. It turns out the issues with this integration are excruciatingly difficult to track down. Missing stub class files, maddening error messages, and hell, just getting your code to log in to test your connection -- all will have you tearing your hair out. Or not. I hope to save you the weeks-long headache that I went through a few years ago.

Here are my ColdFusion and NetSuite integration tutorials and resources.

Some of these posts are a few years old, but the basic principles remain the same. I have tested these methods with versions of ColdFusion from 7 to 9, as well as versions of the NetSuite WSDL up to 2010.1 for numerous companies. And if the version of ColdFusion or NetSuite you are using is newer, just ask me. It's possible I just haven't updated this page for awhile.

-Jeremy Gibbens