Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A warning regarding calculating sales commissions in NetSuite

Are you seeing discrepancies in your sales commission figures? It recently came to our attention that when calculating sales commissions, NetSuite's sales commission module ignores the first line item on a transaction (invoice, sales order, etc) if it is a markup item, discount item, etc. They claim this is by design but cannot produce any existing documentation that would have clued us in on this "useful feature." Unfortunately for us, a large portion of invoices had markup items or discount items on the first line. Since NetSuite continues to insist this is not a bug, I ended up having to write a script to re-sort the item lists for all of our 2008 invoices for sales commissions to be properly calculated. We have verified that this fixes the aforementioned issue. However, I have to wonder what would happen if an invoice ONLY had markup or discount items on it. Sure, you can argue "why on earth would you not have a service or inventory item on your invoice??" Then I would slap you and remind you that it's the principle.

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