Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone is all things to all people...except me

I was jazzed that Apple finally announced its iPhone, an iPod/PDA/mobile phone combo that industry wags have drooled over for years. It's more than I had hoped for. It's form factor is miniscule. It's impossibly thin. It runs OS X, has a touch screen interface (you use your finger, so no worries about losing a stylus), has a 2 MP camera, plays movies, and songs, and on and on and on. But here is why I will not be purchasing the iPhone when it comes out. For starters, it's only available from Cingular. If it were everything I wanted in an all-in-one portable device, I would consider switching carriers, but it is not. And at $600 with a 2 year Cingular contract, that is a huge ouch in the checking account. But moreover, at 8 GB of storage, it's not there yet. I've long said that I will not purchase an iPod or iPod hybrid device unless it has at least 20 GB of solid state memory. That's solid state, as in flash. Now that the iPhone is more than a pipe dream, I will add that I will not purchase an iPod until that 20 GB version is available in the iPhone. I have enough crap to carry around and keep track of day to day. This is why I don't own an iPod or other MP3 player right now. If it doesn't fit on my wrist or in my pants pocket, I'm not taking it with me. Notably, this is probably yet another reason why I don't have children. *grin*

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