Thursday, December 28, 2006

Want to buy a cheap scanner?

UPDATE: Sold through the magic of craigslist!

I used my cache of Christmas gift Best Buy cards to buy a new printer (an HP Photosmart 5180) to replace my trusty Epson that died after 8 years of faithful service. This one is super fancy n' junk. It's an all-in-one, so there's a scanner built in. That means I no longer need my minimally used HP Scanjet 2200c (see the specs here and here)

Everything you need is here. You get the scanner, power cable, and USB cable. The software and drivers can be downloaded here. According to HP's site, it should work with pretty much any USB-equipped computer running a version of Windows from the last decade. This is not a super high end scanner, but does a good job of scanning photos and a fantastic job of scanning documents for archival or copying purposes.

$25 firm. Cash only. Local buyers only. You agree to meet in or near the Eagan or Lakeville area (where I live and work, respectively) to pay and pickup. Why so many stipulations? Because I'm not desperate to unload it. Just looking to reduce my clutter and keep a good scanner from collecting dust in a closet. If I can't find a buyer, I'll just give it to a friend or family member (man, I'm a demanding salesperson).

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