Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim

I wanted to comment on sad news of the discovery of the body of James Kim. You may have been following this story in the national news lately. He, his wife, and two young daughters became stranded in the Oregon wilderness while returning home from a Thanksgiving trip. Finally this past Saturday, he left them in a desperate attempt to find help. On Monday, his wife and children were rescued, but the search for him continued.

Kim was a senior editor for, a computer and consumer technology news and review website. He wrote regular reviews of digital music products and appeared regularly in vlog postings to CNET's sister site Crave. He also appeared each week in a segment broadcast to Tivo subscribers.

I had come to enjoy Kim's writings and appearances and trusted his opinions on digital entertainment products. Such an offhand and indirect connection seems trivial, but today's news hit me like a punch to the gut. I feel terribly for the wife, baby, and 4 year old daughter he left behind.

It's amazing the bonds we sometimes unknowingly form with people we've never met or likely never will meet. Perhaps that's why the community of bloggers seem to huddle together. We somehow feel involved in each others lives (and in some cases actually do become involved). When one of us feels joy, we celebrate with them. And when one of us suffers tragedy, we feel as though it were happening to a friend or family member. So here's to James Kim. He will be missed.

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