Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mystery of the missing wsdl stub class: another clue(?)

As previously bemoaned here and here, I ran into a problem with ColdFusion failing to generate and compile all of the necessary java classes from Netsuite's wsdl when invoking a new web service object. Meanwhile, I run wsdl2java from the command line, and get each and every one of the 500+ java source code files from the wsdl.

Tell me, is Netsuite's wsdl really so complex that ColdFusion misses some of the class files? I find that very hard to believe. In any case, one of my coworkers today discovered that ColdFusion seems to come with two copies of Apache Axis, which includes the wsdl2java class. Apparently axis is not only in [cfusion install]/lib/axis.jar, but is also mixed in with other packages in [cfusion install]/runtime/lib/webservices.jar. So that makes me wonder if ColdFusion is using the version that I was not calling from the command line. I think it warrants a little test. Hopefully I'll get a chance tomorrow. I'll post my findings here.

UPDATE: I actually found a THIRD place where wdsl2java exists in the CF installation. I was able to test two of them, but both generated all of the java source files. Curious indeed.


Unknown said...

Hello Jeremy -

i am interested in your ColdFusion/Netsuite work for a possible project. What's the best way to get in touch with you?

Jeremy QA Gibbens said...

I've updated my blog template to include my email address. You should see it on the upper left side of this page now. Given my full time gig, I can't make any promises, but depending on time, requirements, and potential non-compete issues, I might be able to help out.